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 LSGR Corp Information Centre

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PostSubject: LSGR Corp Information Centre   Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:38 am

Welcome to the LSGR information centre, this area is meant for anyone who is interested in joining or maybe you are simply interested in working with our corp. Here you will find our structure so you know who is responsible for different roles within the corp. This in turn might help with who to contact in LSGR with any questions you may have.

In the first instance you may want to contact one of the following people :-

NellBee = Ceo

Steve Diamond = Personel Director

Dartezex = General Advisor / Mining Director

It is possible to join our public channel by searching for "LSGR" any questions you have should be able to be answered here.

Further to this we have created a business plan to give prospective members an idea of what direction this corp (LSGR) is going to be taking over the next twelve months or so. It is intended to give a general idea only, there will ofcourse be numerous project in between the list on the time line below. As was mentioned it is only a generalisation to show our long term goals.

Hope you find it helpfull.

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LSGR Corp Information Centre
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